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Celebrate your wins for 2018!

The silly season is here, and even though the calendar is jam-packed, it is important to take some time to celebrate your wins for the year. Fire-up the bbq, crack open the bubbly and cheers to yourself for 2018!

In our final newsletter for the year, we look at some of the risks you should consider before going guarantor on your child's loan. And, we have included some tips you can give your grown-up kid when they land their first full-time job.

We have provided an insight into a dynamic approach to spending and drawdowns in retirement; A must-read for anyone nearing retirement. As is the article on reverse mortgages, which addresses the need to carefully balance both today's needs and likely future financial requirements.

Avoid plastic overload this festive season with our tips on how to minimize plastic in your home.

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Future Proof Financial

5 risks of going guarantor on your child’s home loan

If you’re going to balance the future of your own home or property on your child’s reliability to pay their mortgage, make sure you’re across the risks.

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8 money tips for when your kid lands their first full-time job

If there’s a possibility they may come to you with questions (OMG they might actually want your opinion), here’s a list of pointers.

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A dynamic approach to retiree spending and drawdowns

Here's a critical question for retirees and those nearing retirement: How much are you intending to drawdown and spend each year from your retirement savings?

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Reverse mortgages: Short-term gain, long-term pain

The home remains the primary assets for the majority of people and the property market - particularly in major cities - has generally been kind for those who were in the market over the past decade or so.

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9 Ways To Minimize Plastic In Your Home

We live in a world of plastic. Plastic cups, bottles, plates, packaging – our plastic society is putting the world's ecosystem at risk, but there are some simple steps we can take to change our wasteful habits. 

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