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Welcome to our latest newsletter

We kick off our latest edition with the benefits of contributing to your spouse's super and some of the strategies to consider. We also take a look at some of the practical steps to managing money when you move in with your partner.

Our article on dollar-cost averaging provides a reminder on the value of this classic and straightforward investment practice. And, we provide an overview of the underwriting factors insurers consider when determining the cost of insurance cover.

And finally, fishing is a fantastic way to spend time with your kids this winter. We have included some tips to make the most of this fun activity.

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Future Proof Financial

It pays to contribute to your partner’s super

If your spouse is a stay-at-home parent, working part-time or out of work, adding to their super could benefit you both financially.

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Managing your money when you move in together

Living together is a big step. You may be merging your lives more closely, but should you merge your finances? 

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Dollar-cost averaging for millennial investors

It's hardly surprisingly that a personal finance article in Forbes magazine places the classic and straightforward investment practice of dollar-cost averaging high among a list of tips to help millennials become better, more disciplined investors in 2017.

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Underwriting? What's that?

When financial advisers talk about insurance they often talk about underwriting. But what is underwriting and why does it matter?

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5 key tips when fishing with children

Fishing teaches kids many important skills and is a great way to bond with your little ones. Simply follow these tips for fishing with kids and your child will be hooked in no time.

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